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Have you ever had a thought come to you and you knew it wasn't something you could brush off or ignore? Well... that's exactly what happened to me... today and why this podcast episode exists.

After spending over a week inside my head searching for answers... asking questions like...

"What is the best thing I can do right now?"

"Is there something I have to offer?"

"How can I better the situation for myself and others?"

and may more just like this...

The answer was clear... Duh!! Turn on your microphone and record a podcast. "Seriously, Shari, what were you waiting for... a big huge neon sign with flashing lights?"

Over the past few weeks... I've flowed through many of the same emotions that I hear others are also experiencing... scared, worried, "what if's", etc... after all... we're human. The goal is to turn these thoughts into something useful and empowering.

This isn't a new thing for me... I've been navigating life's challenges using tools and insights which help to bring me to a state of calm, joy, peace, appreciation... and other positive emotions... which honestly... are sometimes hard to believe I can go from scared shitless to... "I've got this".

In this episode... I share all the thoughts that came from the insightful download just minutes after jumping out of the shower. As quickly as I could... I jotted down a couple of notes, and the rest... well let's say... that comes through me from wisdom from greater than my own.

Please know you are not alone... we're working together to bring the frequency of a positive outcome through this experience.

Also... as promised in this podcast... I've listed below... links for several of the things mentioned.

If you want to chat... click the link here or at the top of the page in the banner scroll... please pick a time that works best for you. I feel called to be there for as many people as possible... whether it's for emotional support... or business support... I'm here for you.

Sending Love... Light... and a shit ton of BRILLIANTISTA POWER to all.

xo Shari


Things mentioned in the Podcast...


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